What do you get for a guy you’re crazy about?

I’ve recently started a relationship with a guy I simply adore. You know when you have that feeling like you’ve known each other since forever, and like you don’t have to explain anything because he understands everything you say. Well, I’ve been chasing that feeling for a while. We’ve had strong chemistry since we first met and I still can’t believe that I get to spend time and enjoy life with such a great person.

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However, not everything runs smoothly all the time. In fact, it is this very blissful happiness that makes me nervous and tense at times, and then I start making a fuss over minor and everyday issues like where to eat out or what movie to see. (The problem is that deep down I probably still fear I might lose him. What can I say? Past negative experiences have made me a bit apprehensive.)

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My newest challenge is his birthday that is approaching, and if you have ever pondered endlessly over presents to get your boyfriend then you know what I’m talking about. I think about it all the time and cannot make up my mind. If I knew him better it would be so much easier as he’d probably point to things he likes or needs. But we’re only at the beginning and it would be awkward to ask him about it openly. I want to impress him. Of course, like I’ve said, we have an understanding and if I failed it wouldn’t matter that much because we’d just have a good laugh and forget about it in a minute. Still, it’s his day and it would be nice to make him smile and feel good.

Today I went to a gift shop, but unfortunately I couldn’t find a shelf with “presents to get your boyfriend” written above it. Such a pity no one ever tried that one. If there are shops for left handed people and various other themed shops, there should be one for boyfriends. I asked the shop assistant to recommend something for a young and brainy guy like him, but the only thing she could come up with were t-shirts with sarcastic writings. Even though some of them were really funny, I’m not sure if he’d wear something like that. After wandering around the town for hours I decided I might go to an antique book shop and get him an old copy of one of his favorite sociology classics. As a successful social scientist, he should appreciate it. I know it’s far from exciting, but that’s what you do when you barely know someone. You play it safe!

There’s also another thing I’ve come to learn over the course of years: when thinking about presents to get your boyfriend, don’t start with something pricey because you’ll scare the guy. It doesn’t mean you or he is being materialistic. At the beginning, everything counts and is being analyzed, so don’t invest too much money or overdo it with something pompous. You want to avoid coming across as being into it much deeper than he is.

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